Crackles on WaveLab pro 9.5

I am a new user on Wavelab and I have a problem:
I am transferring and cleaning old K7 tape.
I recorded them on reaper like this 2*mono+1 stereo in reaper
I cleaned the clicks and several noises on iZotope RX, When I listened them on reaper it was quite good, I listened them on a Cubase Le given with my sound card it was perfectly good sounding, on izotope also of course
On Wavelab the two mono tracks have crackles at close intervals (like at the time of windows xp more than 10 years ago) without any plugins
If I mix the three tracks on reaper I have no problem on wave lab.
I need this configuration because I would like to use the multiband compressor furbished with wavelab
any suggestions ?

Can you zoom-in and see a defect?