Crackles when using VST instruments and audio track

Hi, I bought cubase 11 elements online and am having a crackling problem when playing sounds from vst instruments. When the buffer is increased, e.g. to 1024, it is better, but they also appear. I have an MSI laptop with a core i7 10th gen processor and 32 RAM, win 10 home. On other DAWs, the problem is not just cubase. I have also been using cubase 10 elements for several years on my second win 7 machine and it has no problems. Increasing the buffer is not a solution because it increases latency.

Try running it on power and max performance. Try disabling Wi-fi when using Cubase.

thank you for your help just did that and unfortunately no improvement

W dniu 2021-07-12 13:52:23 użytkownik peakae via Steinberg Forums napisał:

You could try Latencymon, run it without cubase running.
Latencymon is a very nice tool to find out what is going on in the background and might be causing the crackles.