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You’ve heard this one before in one or the other way I’m sure. I’ve got one project where the audio output “crackles”… Quiet impossible to work with thus. The special thing about this one project is that it features quite many stereo as well as mono audio tracks, aside some midi tracks that is. On the little performance meter the red light for ASIO almost constantly flashes (while the blue meter can’t be seen to ever go further than half up that is). How do I find out where the problem comes from? It’s weird because for a long time the project worked just fine, then some day I restarted Cubase, opened the song - and voila!
I’m working on Windows 7, 64Bit, got an Intel i7 @2.93GHz stuffed with 16.0 GB RAM and the computer is connected to an RME Fireface 400. As to buffer latency of the RME, it doesn’t show me any errors in the RME configuration, thus there can’t be the problem (aside that I tried to increase it without result).

What steps do I gotta take?



Firstly, I would suggest checking to see if you have the latest driver update for your RME. Is this the only song that it happens to? If it is, I would temporarily remove your tracks one by one to see if one of them is the culprit. Make a separate copy of your song to do this with so you won’t have to reinstate anything.

or check for demoversions of plugins you’re using which include crackels for protection…


What about your latency settings of the rme? Small latency means small buffer. Perhaps your crackles are gone if you raise your buffersize a bit.

Greetz Bassbase

Yes, also for me - crackles are usually brought on by low buffer sizes. Try raising this and recheck…