Crackling and USB Driver V203 not installing

I’ve been having issues with my UR22mkII for a while in that after a couple hours of using, the output sound gets distorted and crackling.
It is usually when I’m gaming or just using my PC, very rarely when in my DAW (Reaper) or recording music (although it has happened after several hours of mixing).
So I decided to check on the drivers. I had been using the drivers that came in my TOOLS for UR22mkII, which was version 1.9.6. So I headed to the Steinberg webpage and downloaded the latest drivers (V2.0.3). I followed the instructions, unplugged all USB devices, closed all aplications and turned off the PC.
When I double click the setup.exe file, it shows as the attached image:
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Setup Wizard was interrupted
Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver setup was interupted. Your system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, please run the instalation again. Click the Finish button to exit the Setup Wizard.

I’ve tried running as administrator, I tried uninstalling the older drivers first, extracting the file, it all comes to this. Please somebody help me!!!
not installed.PNG

Did you uninstall the old Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver first?

I did it in the first time and it didn’t work. I’m afraid that if I uninstall it and it still doesn’t work I will not be able to make it work with no driver whatsoever, since I can’t find older versions online.