Crackling from Edits/Automation Not from Buffer

So I noticed early on with N12 that if I moved an automation point while a track was playing it would cause crackling - something no previous version did. In the latest update this crackling has gotten worse. It happens when the play head goes over an edit even on a track that’s muted ( a different track will crackle. It happens intermittently when automation is being read. There is less of it with the buffer fully open at 2048 but it happens still and this is with the DSP meter showing less than 50%.

Since I got a new Mac Studio Max last summer I was leaving the Disable GPU Acceleration unchecked. With this issue I’ve checked it again. It’s hard to tell whether that helped. I have a 32 core GPU and 64g RAM.
This issue occurs in both Rosetta and Apple Silicon modes. I don’t recall which version on Nuendo I had last summer but when I started on my new computer it ran perfectly, able to record at 64 buffer with no issues.

I’m running the latest version of Moterey 12.6.5

In the past I’ve had buffer performance decrease over time as prefs and cache files built up. Trashing prefs used to fix the issue. I tried it this time and it did not.

Thanks for any help.

I just got an email from Lynx support and they confirm that they’ve had some trouble with silicon Macs using their latest Core Audio driver. They recommend downgraded to the previous version.

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