Crackling in Playback

Dorico Pro Latest, Windows 10. Installed RAM 16.0 GB
I am suddenly experiencing a little crackling in playback, which I seem to remember can have something to do with Buffersize and Sample rate and available ram. Present settings: buffer size 265, Sample rate 4410. I lowered the Buffer size to 196 but it made no difference. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

What if you raise the buffer size to 512?

Thanks Ulf, I raised Buffer Size to 400, Sample Rate 4800, seems to be working fine.
Are there Ideal setting? If so which and why?

There is no universal ideal setting,. It depends on the power of your CPU and overall processing throughput. Setting this is an experimental process for each user.


It is like Andro says.
In your case, there is hardly any difference in using 44.1 or 48kHz sample rate.
And then you adjust the buffer size to a value where you don’t get any drop outs or other noises, that is your ideal setting then.

What ASIO driver are you using in Device Setup?

ASIO Driver M-Audio AIR 192 4 ASIO