Crackling noise when recording audio into cubase


I’m very new to Cubase and am still getting around a few problems, most recently I have been trying to record vocals and guitar with an AT2020 condenser microphone. The Microphone works just fine, as does all my other equipment however whenever I am recording there is a background crackle that I cannot get rid of. Initially I looked up to see how to fix it and found that the crackling was mostly associated with the latency settings in Cubase. I haven’t been able to find any settings for directly changing the input and output latency (in Cubase 9 Artist), various videos and websites have said to adjust the audio buffer size. I have tried doing so but to no success, all I can say is that changing the audio buffer setting does mildly affect the amount of crackling (usually setting it higher results in more crackle). I have also tried messing around with various settings in the VST audio systems tab of the studio setup but nothing there has fixed the problem. If anyone could help me solve this I would greatly appreciate it, thank you.