Crackling noise when sampler or video windows open only Windows 11

Hi I get crackling only when the video window is open (any size, videos are standard mp4), and its ok for 4 or 5 secs then gradually gets worse to the point where the entire audio gets bad. The same happens with the sampler, its like the GUI cant hack those windows being open for more than 5 secs or so, sometimes 10 secs at a push. If I close the video window or sampler window, it stops. Its very annoying using sampler and I have to open and close it each time just to get 5 or 6 seconds use from it (with or without video inserted into the project also). Audio Performance windows shows about 30% usage at peak, my latency settings I usually keep on 1024, it makes no difference changing it to 2048 . I work at 48khz and my soundcard and daw and windows 11 settings are set to that. I’ve tried all the extra settings like Steinberg power scheme on and off etc. My video drivers are up to date (Nvidea Ge Force) and set to the standard settings. Any advice please? It didn’t do this in earlier CB versions. I have also tried just running it on my laptop screen instead of dual HDMI screens I have, same thing.

I cant continue to work like this for larger projects and I really want to suss out what’s wrong and continue with Cubase, if anyone can advise some things for me to try, id really appreciate it, EDIT: crackling and poppin' with video or sampler window, cubase 12.5 windows 11, top spec laptop - YouTube

videos to show issue. ive also run cc cleaner, disabled antivirus, and it will also do exactly the same thing if I open youtube with cubase also, jitters all over the place. projects in 44100 will also do same thing with the sampler… very strange.


CB pro 12.5, Davinci
PC Specialist Laptop - 13th gen intel 24 core i9, 64 ram ddr5… 2x SSD 2TB. RTX 4080
Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB with UAD Accelerator

sorted finally, cubase sampler still a bit dogy at times, but sorted it