Crackling on all my tracks


I’m a novice and with a friend I made a recording of a vibraphone and marimba solist concert. We used the opportunity to experiment with various microphone set-ups in XY, AB, MS) that we all used at the same time with the intention to compare in the box afterwards. So we had 8 channels coming in live through an (old) PreSonus interface and through a USB-2_USB-C adapter into my MacBook Pro (Intel Core i7, 3,1 GHz, 16GB RAM) running Cubase Pro 9.5.41. Disclaimer: there was virtually no time to set up so we connected, sound checked and ran with it. Result: we ended up with crackled sound in all channels and all stems. Buffer size was at 64 samples… is that the culprit? Strangely, I don’t hear any distortion on the applause…



Do you cat a cracking also if you export (one Solo) Channel as a WAV?

If there is no cracking after the Export Audio Mixdown, increase the Buffer Size.

Make sure, the sound is not distorted on the Output, if you mix all channels together. This could be another reason. Is it cracking when play back only Solo of one Track?