crackling on c6 in win7; graphics related

ok. got an emu 1820m. installed cubase 6 into windows xp sp3. works fine as far as i can tell.
but, to be a good boy i bought windows 7 since this is the OS that cubase 6 is built for.
there is a problem; when i zoom in or out, or when the arrangement reaches the edge of screen and updates to new section there are audio crackles and glitches. since i was doing a new install on a dual boot system i tried 64 bit first, then 32 bit version.
i tried all audio buffer settings, windows tweaks, eventually switching off all windows 7 graphic nicery until it looked like windows 95. but still the crackles are there.
my pc is a dualcore pentium with 2gb. far from cutting edge, but cubase 6 runs fine on it in xp. in xp, using the same hardware, playback is smooth.
so i thought it was either (a) soundcard driver issue (especially as the emu driver is a beta) or (b) the graphics card.
my graphics card is an ati radeon with 1GB ram, only 6 months old. plenty of power to run a daw (and has been, in XP).
i swapped out the emu 1820m for my MOTU 2408k2. same result; audio crackles when the view is zoomed in/out or the screen scrolls.
finally, i tried another approach. i own reaper, so i downloaded the latest version and installed. it works perfectly; i can zoom in/out, scroll and navigate without any audio glitches.
in cubase 6 i had tried all audio buffer settings, muti-processing on/off, boost etc. all with the same negative result.
so in summary; for me personally, there is a graphics related problem with cubase 6 on windows 7 32 and 64 bit that is not related to my hardware (reaper proves this).
please check and fix! ed :exclamation:

I get a very minor version of this at VERY low latency (64 samples) with ‘extreme’ scrolling. So I think you are seeing it much worse because of your anemic hardware. Try running an app called DPC latency checker and see what you turn up.

hi. thanks for reply, but i don’t think you read the original post through; the hardware is fine. it plays back everything i throw at in in windows xp. and in windows 7 it handles reaper perfectly.
we’re talking about crackles even when playing back a single audio file at 50ms latency.
on xp the motu can play 50 plus tracks at 7ms no problem.
i’ve checked 2 audio interfaces and got them both working perfectly with reaper in windows 7.
the problem lies in cubase.


I`ve recently noticed random cracles in audio, used Latency monitor to spot the problems, even installed fresh Win7 with no results. I gave up but for a reason checked power connection to a disc. And it was it! Bad cable :slight_smile:



thanks, but not a cable problem; if you read my post again you see i say that it works fine in windows xp and that reaper works fine in windows 7. it’s only cubase that has the crackles in windows 7 when zooming or scrolling.

If it was a Cubase bug we’d all get it though, right ??
No crackles here at all (C6(32) Win7 (64))
My bet is it’ll turn out to be the Graphics card Drivers.
Why ?
In your story, replace XP with Vista, Cubase 6 with Wavelab 7, Reaper with Wavelab 6 … and I’ve been through a very similar situation
On my Daw - all software worked fine except Wavelab 7. With WL7 I got gaps in playback when moving the mouse around a lot. Nobody else did though. Wavelab 6, Cubase 5 etc. were all fine.
I tried different Mice & drivers, Soundcards (onboard soundcard seemed to cure it !!) …
I tried WL7 on my old Internet PC and playback was perfect.
Back on the Daw, the last thing I hadn’t tried was videocard drivers.
(( it was an Ati Radion (Saphire) HD 5770 video card… 10 months old ))
Tried the latest drivers & not only did Wavelab 7 playback perfectly, but also the “Windows Experience Index” rose from 6.0 to 7.4.
I had no idea that I had a driver problem until I installed Wavelab 7.
So try videocard drivers, if you haven’t already !!

Thanks tony. already have the latest ATI drivers installed.
i’ve also tried disabling all the fancy 3d filtering for games in the ati control panel. no better.
why would other software (reaper in this case) run without glitches on the windows 7 partition when cubase 6 can’t?
i’m going to install cubase 5 into the win 7 partition and see how it works…
i’m not saying this is a cubase “bug”. i’m suggesting that the cubase gui may not be properly optimised.
other people have reported sluggishness in the gui. i don’t get that here, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem just because i don’t experience it.
if reaper can run properly, i’d hope steinberg can do it too!
p.s. haven’t seen a problem like this on any of pcs in a LONG time, probably around 1999…
oh well; i’ll stick with c6 on xp til a fix comes along.