Crackling on mixdown when latency is set low

I had this issue with a previous version of Cubase and can’t remember how it got resolved. But since either recent Windows updates or Cubase update when I mixdown and latency is set to 128 samples the resulting mixdown is distorted/garbled/gapped. This is background rendering and not realtime. As soon as I go to 1024 samples (RME HDSP hardware with latest driver) it is all ok.

Anyone have this issue?



I have had the same problem on RME Raydat.
My solution was to disable any Windows soundoutput in the RME driver, change buffer settings and then I’m able to enable Windows MME again without any garbled sound. You might want to reboot after disabling MME output.
Might be something completely different, but worth a try if you are using your RME for System sounds at all.

Many thanks for the suggestions Peakae I’ll give them a look over tomorrow and report back. Yes I’m using RME and there is driver sharing along with Windows sounds involved so it may be there somewhere