Crackling/Popping, Notes cutting off at random while rendering Kontakt tracks

Hello, I’m running Cubase Pro 12 on a 16 inch MacBook Pro (M1 Pro, 16GB RAM). Every time I render a kontakt instrument track (Kontakt 7), the audio always has random issues. It either crackles, have pops in between or notes just cut off at random. The audio plays perfectly fine, when it is being played back as MIDI before rendering in the project session. It even plays back fine if the export of that track is done through real-time processing. No other VST has this issue, only facing this problem when rendering pretty much any Kontakt library but certain ones seem to run into it more. I have tried changing every render settings in Cubase and searched every forum I could, but couldn’t find a fix to this. Rendering each track using real time processing is just a mess to the workflow of making music in general. If anybody could help with this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size.

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