crackling/popping on max buffering

Hey there, I recently switched from using my Lexicon Omega driver to ASIO driver and noticed a big difference as far as greatly reducing popping during playback, but I’m working on a project that has 12+ MIDI tracks going with automations and multiple FX going on and I’m experiencing a lot of pops and such. I have the buffer size at max…I have a screen-shot attached if that might help…

Is there any other settings/adjustments I can make to reduce this frustration? Since I’m using a lot of effects, is there a way to freeze the tracks I am done adjusting to reduce CPU demand? I thought I had heard of something like that a while back…Anyway, please hep me out. Thanks!
screenshot 3A.jpg

Why did you switch to generic driver? It’s always better to use the sound card’s dedicated driver.

Agreed, your large collection of VSTis and FX are overwhelming your processor. You’ll get the most benefit from disabling/freezing the “heaviest” tracks (the ones with the most notes, reverb, and synth layers.) If you have anything that’s around but inactive (such as a muted HALion program in the multi-program rack) you can get rid of them to lighten the load. (I believe that muted items still draw CPU cycles. I’m not certain, but it seems that way.)

If freezing turns out to be the answer, then you’ll have to adjust your workflow around it. That will be easy in the case of laying down more tracks, but awkward in the case of mixing.

p. 644 of the OPs Manual talks about freezing VSTis. This button (red arrow) will get things started.
See also

They have Elements…not sure there is Freeze? Also no Render in Place.

EDIT: Sorry to confuse the issue…Elements does indeed have Freeze. :blush: