Crackling sound during playback - can anyone help?


I’m trialing Dorico, and love it, but I’m experiencing crackled playback. The crackling gets worse over time, but tends to (almost completely) clear up if I restart Dorico. Can anyone point me to a resource that would explain how to test/resolve this please?


You might want to change the sampling frequency of your setup (in preferences) or change the buffer values in the Halion editor (press the round e next to Holion name on the right panel of the play mode)
Hope it helps!

When you have the HALion window open, try giving more than one CPU core to it. This did the trick for me.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

Also try fiddling with the buffer size of your audio interface. Choose from the main menu Edit > Device Setup. There, press the button Device Control Panel. Another, device specific window will open where you can adjust the buffer size. Try with bigger sizes.