Crackling Sound When Working

This is a bit frustrating. Sometimes when make music on my cubase, this crackling sounds comes sometimes, and sometimes alot! This happens specially when I use the other sound card for the mic, and it also crackles when record.
How can I prevent this from happening?

Post your system spec first mate so we may have a clue as to what your problem is… usual cause is buffer size being too low but without any information it’s kinda difficult… you say you are running two sound cards… care to elaborate?

I use a laptop.
I have a regular PC sound card and a M-Audio fasttrack pro sound card.
Itel core i5, windows 7, 4gb ram
nothing much, I know… :sunglasses:

try to avoid the onboard sound… they tend to be rubbish at best!
make sure you are using your maudio ASIO driver in cubase and raise the buffer size until the crackling stops…

Thanks dude!! Hard to be a newby :laughing: