Crackly noises?

Hello there!

I’m new to this forum, and to this software, so if you’re reading this you’ll have to bare with me.

The other day i had recorded 2 tracks (Guitar and Bass) through a M-audio Fast Track USB, and it sounded fine.
I then went on to add A Native Instruments Guitar Rig VST effect to the guitar, and a Guitar Amplifier VST to the bass guitar track.
This is when the sound started crackling and this even affected the sound of the click track. Is there anyone out there who has any idea?

Thank you for your time.
Nova Studios.

I should’ve mentioned this was Cubase 5 :slight_smile:

sounds like a buffer size issue, try raising the buffer size or latency of your sound card.

Aloha N,
Posting this question in the ‘Cubase 5’ part of the board might help.