Crammed Engraving Situations Exceed Music Frame Margins

Hi Dorico team,

When there are objects really high above the highest system of a music frame, those objects exceed the upper margin of the frame. This is how it looks like:

I realize that this behavior might be a concequence of keeping the uppermost systems aligned, but in some cases it might be necessary to override that, so my suggestion is that you provide the option of overriding the alignment in favour of keeping the musical objects within the frame.

This is by design, so whether you like it or not, it’s not a bug. If you envisage running into this situation frequently, you may want to adjust the upper margin on music frames within Layout Options.

I’ve taken the liberty of removing the word “Bug” from your thread title since this is not a bug.

Alright, thanks for enlightening me then! And yeah, then it makes sense to remove the word “bug”. Sorry!

I just noticed there’s a light blue area on the upper and lower music frame margins when in Staff Spacing mode in Engrave. This was pointed out in the latest Dorico video (excellently done!): Learning Leading Layouts | Discover Dorico - YouTube

Is it possible to describe “Music Frame Margin”, preferably with a picture, in the help (e.g. Changing the default music frame margins)? This concept has eluded me for four years! Perhaps describe what musical notation stays in the margin, and what can be printed outside of it. Or maybe it’s already described somewhere else, and can be pointed to in the help.


I think you’ll be pleased with additions in this area when the next manual is released :slight_smile:

For now, there’s a more detailed explanation on this page in the First Steps guide.

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Fyi @rubberfingers the addition in this area that I hoped you would be pleased with is now live, you can find it here.


This is great Lillie, thanks!

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Wow, thank you! How wonderful.

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