Crappy Steinberg North America support

I experience this too. Did you ever get it resolved?

I bought a new PC as old was was dying - now Steinberg won`t let me activate my code despite having the discs and proof of purchase.

Real crap USA support.

ProTools next for me but going to fight Steinberg first as Trading Standards said last week I have a case against them. My bank tried to get my money back for VSTi TGuitar - £110 - but Steinberg blocking it somehow. TGuitar will not download properly. Don`t go near it. No replies from Steinberg - as ever.

USA support is pretty good actually. If you have a current license they will sort out activation for you.

If you don’t have the actual license container registered in your Steinberg account, or on a dongle, or on a Software elicenser that’s a problem. If you just bought something recently, you would contact the store, not Steinberg tech support.