Crappy Steinberg North America support

I have been trying to get some word from tech support for over a month now. The closest I came to actually speaking with someone was a phone appointment last week, but the tech support person failed to call at the specified time. I emailed back asking for a reset, but got no reply.

So the problem is definitely a software issue, although it’s unclear as to whether it’s Lynx or Steinberg at fault. It only seems to go haywire when I have all possible external inserts used - 20 I/O - as well as many UAD plugins; in general a big complex mix.

We’re talking about 0 dBfs high freqency noise appearing in seemingly random channels.

Some history: I’ve been dealing with this ever since I replaced the Lynx L22 with an E44. Paul at Lynx has been trying to figure it out for weeks. He thought my previous motherboard could have been the weak link, so I rebuilt my system - new MB, cpu, memory, moved up to windows 10. The problem persisted but with some subtle changes. We swapped out my AES16e to test, but the problem remained.

I have discovered a way to reset the system when the i/os go crazy; I just have to open a project with all the external effects utilized, but nothing else going in the project. Close it, then reopen the big mix and everyone is happy.

This is a 3 year old thread. I moved today’s posts. I’ll lock this.