Crash 15-4-24

Crash report
Dorico 5 AudioEngine 5.6.40 64bit 2024.4.10 (577.1 KB)

That is just a freezedump, i.e. the audio engine is deadlocked somehow and can’t proceed working. But it is not a crash since the program is still waiting for something.
Therefore my question, when did this happen, during program start-up, in the middle of operation, at the end while shutting down?
Also, is there only that one dump file or even more?
Would be good if you did in Dorico from the main menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Middle of operations
Report attached
Dorico (903.2 KB)

Thanks for the new data. But there are no crashdumps contained .
Also the log files of the last 10 Dorico runs did not reveal anything, every run ended with a normal release of the audio engine, so no crash. So that dump you’ve sent before must have been a one-of, or just a temporary condition of the software, because overall, Dorico’s audio engine is reacting .
Maybe next time something unusual happens, write down roughly the time and send a new diagnostics report. Thanks

Ok, thanks!