Crash 30-4-24

Crash. Dumb attached
Dorico (2.0 MB)

Dorico (2.1 MB)

I am sorry that you had crashes @GeirSol , but maybe you can also describe under what circumstance/s the crash happened?

3 projects open for transforming 12/8 to 3/4 (q.=h.)
via musicXML import. So, a little unusually wild environment.
Orchestral score

Btw: The Dorico Hub recent projects was blank this morning. So, some errors must have been affecting that as well.

There are no crash dumps contained in the diagnostics you’ve uploaded, so I suspect that neither Dorico nor the audio engine is crashing, but perhaps hanging instead, prompting you to force quit the application?

If so, you might find that ensuring that only one of the projects you have open is activated for playback at any one time improves stability. If you are switching between several open projects and each of them is activated for playback, that causes the audio engine to unload and reload the state for each project when you switch between them. You should find that you have no problems switching between projects provided only one of them is activated for playback.

Yes, that might be the case. I had all 3 active.
But now I have only one, and that seems to work.