Crash after export video

I need some help here please:
I imported a videofile and did some editing with plugins only on the stereo audiotrack.
Exported it again and worked just fine.
Cubase closed just fine also. But trying to re-open this project I get a “serious problem” crash. I have to restart the cimputer after this.
ANd now I cannot open this project anymore.
Crashdump attached.
Cubase 64bit 2020.3.13 (789 KB)

My solution is to close the videoplayer on saving the project, after that I can re-open that project again. Do I leave the videoplayer open then re-opening or even make a new Empty Project crashes Cubase.
Is that normal? I do not have any experience on using video in Cubase, this was a one off project. Other then that it worked great.