All was smooth, updated from .02 to .03 and probs- installed the latest update and still problems.

I get the zplane message at times, but always the videoenginedecoder and runtime c+

Fixes please-

my pc is in tiptop shape, new setup- thanks

I’m intrigued. Not had video trouble with this last update(so far) but plenty in earlier versions. Can you please be a little more susinct? What exactly is your system? What exactly happens before you crash?

Have you tried setting your video app to run as administrator?
Runtime C++ errors can involve any browsers and other programs running in the background.

New computers from, among others, Dell etc. may have their own programs installed and running to manage various optimisations of the system. Quite often they’re there and when you look at them most people decide not to use them but if left they can interfere with normal running programs as they are custom built and do not use regular protocols which can get in the way of other more conventionally written programs.

Its weird, I am the admin and it’s all set up right- I believe.
No one else with this?
Is rolling back to .02 a possibility? how?


Throw us a bone here. Give us some details about your system.

lol sorry, I’m on windows xp, I know it’s nt officially supported- but has been working flawlessly with C6 till update .03
2 gigs ram, core2 duo- been working real well.

It’s been happening on one project consistently , others spoirabically. The one project has VCC, UAD, Waves, which I use for all projects- not too many tracks on this one either, but I need to get this done.
Thanks for any advice

Revert to the backup you took of your system before applying an unsupported pre-release update.

To roll back go to Ctrl Panel/Add Remove Programs.
Tick the show updates box & then you can uninstall the updates.

& no you’re not alone…there’s a small but significant number of users having videoengine crashes since 6.03.

You may have reached the tripping point for Cubase 6.?.?. + VCC, UAD, Waves etc. 2 gigs ram is not much these days and although the C2Duo is adequate on paper the data flow between the Ram and the CPU may well be overtaken by any data flow needs of the latest version.
I’d stay at C6.0.2. Skip 6.0.3 and hope that 6.0.4 (sorry that should read 6.0.5?) has removed what is in the way in 6.0.3. But saying that maybe the officially supported version may work. My guess is that you may be limited to whatever works. In this case 6.0.2.

To run a program as administrator is different to actually being the administrator.
Right click on the program, in your case whatever video app you use (Quicktime etc), and about third down you will see “Run as administrator”. You may also want to check the Properties / Emulation of any suspect programs. I have known states to change in the past. Probably due to something like Windows updates or even the new Cubase version may be actually running in some emulation other than XP.