Crash and Project corrupt when using Kontakt / DrumLab

When futzing with DrumLab in Kontakt in C10 - I get a crash and a corrupted project.
This same scenario doesn’t occur in Cubase 9.5. Tested, working.

The crash happens using Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 5, doesn’t matter.

I’m on OSX High Sierra w/ all the latest OS updates.

Replication: (I’m hoping someone out there will try.)
I created a project in C10 with a bunch of plugins I’m testing on 2 different FX tracks. But all FX are turned entirely off, not just bypassed, so I don’t think this matters.

I add an instrument track, Kontakt 6, then load up DrumLab - the Native Instruments hybrid drum plugin.

I hit play on the plugin itself to play back a pre-installed groove.
I then click the dropdown where I can change the loaded samples (the loaded drumkit) from the preset “Smooth” to another one, like “Tight”… and click on that.

C10 crashes every time AND corrupts the project.
I always have to revert back to a different backup.

In C9.5, if I open this same project (created in C10) with all those preloaded plugins (again, all turned off)… the project doesn’t crash.


Could you attach a crash dump file, please?

ok, here it is… or one of them, rather.
Cubase 10_2018-11-21-133220_Mikes-2nd-MacBook-Pro-2.crash (146 KB)


The crash is in Kontakt.Synth.vst.

Thank you Martin.

Here’s the problem:
it works in Cubase 9.5, doesn’t work it 10… and yet it’s the fault of Kontakt. How is that even possible?
I guess something has changed in the host program that Native Instruments needs to address?
Wouldn’t this then result in many plugins needing to be fixed to work with Cubase 10?

This is a NI problem. It freezes my VEP machines as well as my local Nuendo machine. Super frustrating but not Steinberg’s fault.