Crash at Device Setup (Mac)

Most of the times (if not all the times) that I open Dorico and go to Device Setup to change audio to my Airpods Dorico crashes. Any solutions, advices?.

Hi, first of all I’d like to see the crash files , so please choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file to a reply here.
Usually the Airpods turn up as two devices, the first one as input device for the built-in microphone, and second as output device for the earphones. Unfortunately they always turn up with the same name, so you shall always only choose the second Airpod device in the drop down list in the Device Setup dialog.

Hi Ulf,

My Device window only shows one Airpods device. The crash happens when Dorico have Built in Audio by default when open and I change it to the Airpods.
The diagnostics file were created with Dorico opening normally. I don’t know if it makes any difference.

Dorico (2.4 MB)

Hi, Dorico keeps the logs of the last 10 runs and I can see that the Dorico audio engine always terminated properly on each run. However, in the Dorico logs are two runs, where the log suddenly breaks off and stays incomplete, this happens when you want to change device, but not only to the Airpods but also one case wanting to change to the device ‘Dispositivo multi‑saída’.
But it looks like as if Dorico is freezing in (or deadlocking) because there are no crash files. Can you confirm that you have to quit Dorico yourself?
If that is the case, then please bring Dorico into the same deadlock again, but before force quitting Dorico, please go to the Activity Monitor. At the top of that window is a little icon with 3 dots inside. Click on that and from the pop-up menu choose ‘Spin dump’. Save it and post it here (zip it up first, in case it gets denied).

When the crash happens Dorico shuts down automatically and the OS shows that message if I want to reopen Dorico. I don’t have to quit or force quit Dorico.

The “dispositivo multi-saída” is the “multi-output device”. I have the AirPods in that device too.

But if that is the case, then I would expect some crash files.
Could you please zip up the two folders

MacintoshHD/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and

and post here or send me as private message via this board.

Here they are: (1.8 MB)

Thanks a lot @DMMusic , in the subfolder “retired” I found two recent Dorico crash files. I will take them to the London team and see what they can find out. A little patience please.

Thank you very much, Ulf!

We are still wondering about your case. One of the developers says that maybe it is a timing issue, i.e. you request for the device change, while Dorico itself has not finished loading a project.
Could you please confirm the following?
Please start Dorico and wait until it completely loaded a project and also does play back. When you then try to swap to the Airpods, is it also crashing?
If so, then please have a look again at
MacintoshHD/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports and
and see if you can find in any subfolder anything with Dorico in its name.
Please zip it up and send me. Thanks a lot

Hello, Ulf

I’ve opened Dorico and waited until hear sound and then swap to AirPods and it worked fine. But now I have another problem: I was working with two projects at the same time and I disable the audio in one of them. Now with only one project open playback does not work, project is activated but play button is greyed out (I can hear notes if I click them).

Edit: I deleted the VST AudioEngine folder and the problem persisted. I created a new project and the audio worked as expected. Went back to the project but playback still didn’t work. Finally I clicked on Play Window and now it is working fine.

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