Crash! Bang! Wallop?

I’ve finished a recording in WL10. My first take was crap so I changed the record settings to Temporary File - Add to Active File.

Completed take 2 no problem - new audio duly added. But while adjusting loudness WL10 crashed. And on reboot only has take one in the file.
Which kind of makes sense in a painful way as I hadn’t saved the active file with the addition of take 2. Foolish me of course but I thought I would ask any chance of my audio still hiding somewhere in a temporary file… ?

Or am I king of wishful thinking?

ta like


Look for temporary files there:
Actually, in a folder with many digits and letters, inside this folder.

Then pick up the most recent file there, and use this feature:

many thanks PG - good to know my bacon can indeed be saved!
The wonders of WL!