Crash course in effects

Hi everyone,

I’m ready to apply some polish to my music. It’s a CD production recorded in Cubase Artist 8 using the Tyros 5 and MOX8 for the primary backing tracks, two vocal tracks, and one acoustic guitar track. I have recorded everything “dry.” What I need now is to learn the basics of good effects techniques and mastering. I also know that guys spend an entire career “getting it right,” and even then, sometimes they have just scratched the surface. So no, I’m not going to become David Foster over night, if ever :slight_smile:!

Does anyone know of some good links to a primer course or helpful website? Obviously, I can research this on my own, but I could spend hours reading and learn very little. Thanks!

  • Lee

Coursera is offering this free class on music production starting April 20.

You might also want to check out the videos at Groove 3. A monthly pass is pretty reasonably priced and you can watch a lot of videos in a month if you are so inclined.

Many thanks, Raino!

iZotope provides some free guides, that are actually 99% generic, and only use their products to illustrate concepts and processes in an unobtrusive way. They also have some amusing, but tasteful, one-liners along the way.

If you want to set up your recording space without relying on expensive measuring equipment, and in a way that increases your discriminatory ability, as well as get many really useful recording and mixing techniques, I wholeheartedly recommend Mixing With Your Mind, by Michael ‘Stav’ Stavrou. Three of his techniques were direct enablers for our recordings (particular mic placement [p109] and pattern [p43]), and mixing (dynamic vocal reverb [p171]). The book if so full of gems, that it is easy to miss many points.

Mike Senior’s Mixing Secrets book ( is a great resource for this sort of thing.

Wow, thanks guys! There’s a ton of information there. I’m a pretty good player, but none of that means anything if the recording and mastering is poor. Just in time too. My music buddy has yet to add his vocals, harmonies, and acoustic guitar parts. I’m just working on the background scores at the moment.