Crash, crash and more crash!!

Hi support team,

Cubase 8 crashes a lot 'WOW" The new and amazing music production software from Sternberg called ‘‘CRASCHES 8.0’’!!
:smiley: I,am constantly saving my project, because i,am afraid that if Cubase crashes my project or the changes that i have made will be lost. There is no pattern in witch sequence the problems occurs. I can only tell you in what for situation it happens.

-Crashes when closing Cubase.
-crashes when loading a processing plugin into a slot.
-Crashes when taking a processing plugin to a another slot on the same track or on a slot on a mother track. It don,t matters if it,s a audio or instrument track.
-crashes when starting a big project with a lot of processing plugins loaded into the slots.
-crashes when making the processing plugin visible.
-There are more situations when crashes occurs, bud the crashes that where mentioned in the first 5 lanes are the most frequented cases when a crash occurs.

At the time cubase 8 feels unstable :angry: . I,am running Cubase 8 on a apple based system with OSX 10.10.1, 2.8 I7, 12gb
Hopefally this gets fixed.

Best Regards,