crash crash crash cubase 9.5

I have continuous failures with cubase 9.5. I suspect it’s a problem with the izotope plugin (neutron 2) but I’m not sure. It is impossible to work more than 5 minutes without failure. Sometimes it creates an error file and sometimes it just hangs and I have to close the process with the task manager. Do any of you have the same problem? Thanks for your help
CrashDumps.rar (1010 KB)

Hi and welcome,

  • 3x unspecific crashes with ntdll and no info about CUbase at all.
  • 2x Ozone_8 crashes
  • 1x AirEQEarth crash

Thanks for your time… What would be a possible solution? I work a lot with the izotope plugins. Now, cubase, directly sends me to the desk closing the program without asking or reporting failures. I’m very confused It is impossible to work like that. Attached new file updated crashdumps
CrashDumps.rar (1.66 MB)

Continous crashes here too, on osx

Please, share the crash files.

Ok, thank you!
Here five of my recent crashes! (112 KB)

more crash dumps…
The worst thing is that cubase 8.5 worked well for me and now, since I installed version 9.5, it also fails me. 9.5 Fail many times. The most common failure is that it stops responding and I have to finish the process through the windows task manager. it does not generate crash dumps files most of the time. Tanks.
CrashDumps.rar (1.02 MB)

A crash dump when attempting to insert the Neutron2 compressor into a track. It is the only insert on this track.
I’ve noticed problems adding inserts of both VST2 and VST3 types.
Most commonly UAD, Izotope and Fabfilter plugins, all latest versions.
Since the common factor is the Cubase track insert I would have to conclude that the move to 16 slots has introduced a bug.
If I close the project, exit Cubase and then start it again and load the project I can sometimes add the previously un-insertable insert plugin. (812 KB)

All resolved and reported.

Continuous freezing here C9.5 on Win 10 Pro x64.
The same projects run stable in C8.5 and C9 which I’ve gone back to using.
C9.5 doesn’t create a dump file as it doesn’t crash, it just freezes and I have to manually kill it via Task Manager.

Please put your system specifications in your signature!


I have this too. I also use a lot of Izotope (Neutron2 + Ozone8) plugins. I can’t even open big projects with a lot of plugins no more. It crashes before it’s opened.

I don’t have Izotope plugins. But plugins or plugin loading does crash or get cubase stuck. But most plugins run without a problem. I also suspect rightclicking into or onto some plugins can make cubase 9.x get stuck, sometimes after 30 secs or so cubase runs on again, without any problem. Sometimes right away gets stuck, or… Well i think mostly it is a plugin that is getting stuck and cubase will recover running on multiple processors, someting on one processor gets stuck. So if you have multiple processors, prob cubase is still running. But sometimes it crashes right away. Mostly cubase it is not at fault.

The crashes I’m experiencing are related to Cubase 9.5 and the 9.5.10 updated versions calling out to Windows explorer.
Opening a project from the history window (Steinberg Hub) within Cubase ; no problem. No Crash.
When clicking either “OPEN OTHER” (which launches Windows Explorer) or clicking FILE/OPEN; I get a Crash 99% of the time.
Yet, launching a project from outside Cubase by double clicking the project file from within Windows Explorer, which forces Cubase to open, opens any project without a crash. For now; This is my work-a-round
These crashes are the FREEZE type. Only Control/Alt/Del and END will get me out of the freeze.
So, it seems that Cubase calling out to Explorer is what crashes the program on my system.
I have an Izotope Suite of plugin’s but none of the projects I’m opening have any Izotope elements in them.


Steinberg Hub is using Internet Explorer. You could try to disable it in Cubase Preferences.

Resolved how?

Constant crashing here too with Cubase, so much so that I’m currently on a trial of Ableton Live and looking to make the switch. I’m a macOS High Sierra user and noticed that Cubase got a LOT more unstable after upgrading past El Capitan, however I can’t continue to work on an older OS forever.

Here,s the most important point I’d like to mention. I use plugins my only reputable vendors and they are rockn solid on Ableton, so why is Cubase so prone to crashing with the same plugins yet other hosts are not?

Please see my crash logs attached. (207 KB)

This is most likely unrelated to OP’s issue and you should make your own thread. You should also contact Steinberg support directly through your MySteinberg if you haven’t done that already.

Which plugins are you using?

My issues are similar as most my crashes seem to occur when inserting plugins. The issue is random but seems to occur mostly when inserting VST Instruments.

My VSTis are:

  • NI Kontakt, Massive and Battery
  • Sylenth1
  • DUNE 2
  • Serum
  • Spire
  • Omnisphere

Trying to recreate the problem consistently is almost impossible.

I’ve attached more crash reports from today. (81.1 KB)