Crash, crash crash!

Hi all,
Anybody else having an issue with Wavelab Elements 9.5.50 (Apple version) crashing on playing a file?
I am able to navigate functions and various screens, but as soon as I press that “play” button the program shuts down and a crash report is brought up. The issue does not always happen - and I do not seem to be able to point to any particular file type that causes it. So why? And how to I stop it happening?
Very frustrating!!

Sounds like an issue with your audio hardware not matching with the required SR from WL. Please provide more info.

I’m experiencing the same annoying problem as Jiminuk. Crash, crash, crash! I wasn’t able to connect the crash to any particular moment. Sometimes crashes when playing file, sometimes when saving a file. And my audio hardware is Steinberg UR22.
And btw with the same hardware I’m running Cubase 8.5 without any problem… I suspect it my be something related to the video hardware, but no clues, and I cannot understand why Cubase is running without any problem.

Not an audio hardware issue - I’ve used my iMac on-board sound card, a FiiO E10 external DAC, and my Zoom L-12. Every one has the same issue, but not all the time. It’s especially frustrating when I save a single edited track from Cubase 10 which I then want have automatically open within Wavelab so that it imports back to Cubase… This simplifies and speeds up work-flow and, when it works, is a great feature.

So far this week though, Wavelab has been behaving. I have no idea what’s different.