CRASH Cubace 10.0.10 loaading 9.5.41 cpr - Partly Fixed

Nice, loading a Cubase PRO 9.5.41 cpr crashes Cubase Pro 10.0.10? Any tips?

You’ll need to provide a lot more info. OS? Did it work in 10.0.5?

Most crashes on launch of old projects have turned out to be a plugin that C10 doesn’t like. Import the project in blocks into a blank project to isolate the problem plugin. In my case it was an old version of Kush Clariphonic - updating the plugin fixed the issue.

I had massive problems with this too. with the latest update, it is working fine for me.

this was my fix, many other users has reported problems with older plugins from Softube and Antares among others. try those and see if it helps

More or less fixed by indeed removing some plugins … a double expensive update as for some i paid quit a bit. Steinberg should fix that.