Crash Cubase 11 pro when I try to sampler track editor shows up

Cubase 11_2021-10-13-014257_quasiui-MacBookAir.crash (161.8 KB)

everything works OK when I put my sample to sampler track.
For use that track or bounce never happen crash.
but I could recognized that when I click Sampler editor or short cut key of edit vst(sampler track) for show up(open) then boom! crash!! it seems very often.
I’ve seen couple of cases which very same crash issue with other users topic.
even that exact same crash happen at 2020 DEC but I think still crash, my friends cubase 11 also same as me as crash at same case.
sampler track are not 3rd party plugin, if you guys reported by several users about this crash issue then it should be fix asap…
I’ve attached crash log file here

additionally when run cubase with low resolution mode then not crash anymore…

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What do you mean by the Low Resolution Mode, please?

Hi martin
Low resolution mode is not use HIDPI mode.
I can choose that at info of application when i open cubase 11.
Fyi im using m1 based mac, Bigsur

2021년 10월 13일 (수) 04:32, Martin.Jirsak via Steinberg Forums <>님이 작성:


The crash is in the MixConsole History area. Could you point to something unusual in this area in your project, please? Do you use any Insert plug-ins on the Sampler Track?

Hi Martin.

I’ve solve this problem today.

When u figured out mix console are then I’ve tried couple of test which is roll back all preference setting, make it factory rest… etc.

Eventually when I create new empty project and save that empty project as my user templete, then every sampler track problem has been gone.

I think crash because of my template that I create version 10.0.30 and I use at 10.0.40 version that one.

Is it possible to make any problem? I meant lower version custom template possible to crash at higher version?

If it goes like that then steinberg team needs to notice about “needs to re-creat template after update cubase” as officially.

Many thanks


No, it shouldn’t crash in this case. You should be able to use Cubase 10.0.x project template in Cubase 11.


Would you be willing to share the template project, please?

You can share the link via Private Message, to don’t to share it publicly.

Thank you

I have the same problem since the beginning of sampler track. Happens when I try to open the sampler track via the “edit instrument” key command. Happened on my old windows machine and happens still on clean install on my m1 macbook pro.

Definitely has nothing to do with system preferences, templates or any user related settings.

My thread: Cubases Crashes when using short cut to open instrument on sampler track