Crash Cubase on opening another project right after closing the previous


I am having a crash with opening projects right after closing one. So Cubase stays opened, I close the project I am working on and want to open another one. This used to be no problem in the past.
Could it be my USB-license key? ( I read about some problems with the older 4 cm one)
I have attached the crashdumpfie. Maybe Martin can help me?

Cubase 64bit 2019.2.14 16.41.dmp (1.15 MB)

I always close Cubase between projects… and sometimes reboot the machine. Just want a stable platform…

Offcourse i will do that too of i am doing serious work.
But sometimes i want to quickly open a previous version of the same project to check what i did there, or open another project for a quick peep, and to do that in the past i could leave cubase open, now it crashes on the moment i open another project.
So i was curious about the crashdump if it gives any information about what goes wrong exactly.

Hello , after a lot of testing, i found in my case that if i remove the vstconnect.bundle file from /Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Components the problem ends. Im on Mojave OSX. Cubase 10.5.