Crash Cubase13 - Kontak7 and more

I’m getting several C13 crashes every day that prevent me from working peacefully.
INTEL i9-13900K CPU
Disk (all) NVMe.
Graphic: AMD 6400x (last drivers no game)
From the dumps you see two types of errors, often Kontakt7 is responsible or error on ntdll.
Steinberg support, whom I thank, has only recommended routine operations for now (repair framework, reinstalla drivers GPU, check file system and registri …sfc/scannow…)
WIN11 was also updated a few days ago to the latest 23h2 release.

The machine processes more than 170 simultaneous instances of Konatkt7 without drop or spike. Very solid ASIO. I also add efx with Fabfilter or Acustica Audio.
Crashes occur even when using few parts of my orchestral template (170 and more Kontakt)

Many thanks,

I attach a dmp for further analysis

Have those K7 crashes too, in other DAWs too.
It is possible that it’s a Kontakt issue, K7 is in terribble state right now overall.
But that’s just my thoughts

yes, it is a huge Kontakt 7 problem in Cubase since v 7.5. I am on Windows 11 and AMD CPU. I don’t have crashes while using it, but loading a project is troublesome. Sometimes it works on the first try, sometimes I need to try it a few times. There is a tip to change the multi-CPU support to off, but honestly, it doesn’t make too much of a difference to me. At least Native is updating K7 very regularly so hopefully they are aware of these problems

Many thanks, friends.
I’ve already set up 16 core multithreading from Kontakt.
I wrote to NI support (I’ve been a customer for 20 years).
A little perplexed by the answer I got:
“Running this many instances is not a scenario we would typically simultaneously recommend”.
Yes I have a template with 170(…) active but unused Kontakt instances (i.e. no parts in arrangement).
In the past, used VEP PRO to load hundreds of Kontakts.
For convenience, given the new server, I transferred the template internally to Cubase.
Now I will proceed to disable the unused instances.