Crash due to enabling disabled instruments. ntdll.dll

I’ve been trying to build a new scoring template today, I’m getting a consistent crash when trying to either load or enable a group of konakt instruments simultaneously. It’s happened 5 times today. I’ll attach the latest crash dump.

The safe mode window points to ntdll.dll (not sure if that’s a common thing). Tried running it with preferences reset to default, still occured. Also updated graphics card driver, same problem. Usually enabling a stack of instruments seems to be the cause, however I believe one instance occured when I was simply zooming in and out randomly. That last one might be an unrelated bug, not sure.

Thank you if you can find some time for this issue!!

Cubase 64bit 2020.11.14 (1.5 MB)


Reported to Steinberg CAN-32541.