Crash dump files, where to send them?

Basically, I migth have stumbled upon a bug. It’s not stopping my workflow within Cubase. I am a fan of templates, and within the one I use the most, i have a pre-setup arrangertrack. Depending on what I’m working on, I sometimes want to remove it, and thus Cubase crashes. About two out of three times. Now I just leave it there. But from time to time I forget. And that can be really annoying :imp:

Unfortunatly I can’t reproduce it. Having put alot of work into the templates, I can’t relly remember every thing that I did when making them :mrgreen: I’ve tried, but without sucsess. Reading the issues section on the forums, I find that posting about an issue, without having a way to reproduce it, isnt going to solve anything :question: Or I’m just not looking in the right place. Heh.

So, I thougth maybe I should at least send in the crashdump files, maybe they can get some knowledge from this. But, I can’t see anyway to send them in. (i did however write a post on it under the forum section “issues” in the cubase section, some moderator is probably scratching his head rigth now)

Would Steinberg like us to send this crashdump file to them? Anyone have any expirience With crashdump files and sending them to Steinberg? And how would I do this? :blush:

YES you can send to Steinberg.

Please don’t send to me > :laughing:

Hehe, that may or may not answer part of it. :unamused:

Go to your MySteinberg account and request support. Explain that you have a crash dump file to send. They usually respond fairly quickly with instructions. Good luck.

Regards. :sunglasses:

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Much appriciated!