Crash Dump - my latest

Cubase 64bit 2023.4.5 (1.1 MB)

Very frustrating please analyze need guidance here.

Tia Alan Russell

All to do with Time stamps , win timestamp i should think , have you changed it or updated Windows ?

I participate in the insider developer program for windows 11 which gives me the higher level updates but I’m really thinking maybe I should just leave that program back up my drives and reinstall the latest Windows 11 update

These lines aren’t part of the crash log, they appear in every analysis done on a machine that doesn’t have the tools that the devs use. The crash log info actually starts after the Exception Analysis lines, with



I’m sorry you have troubles with Cubase.

@Alan-Russell , very frustrating report, sorry. Could you please provide more informations? When does the freeze happens? What did you do before? Can you always reproduce it?

I can see you hit a Key Command and then a function from Transport has been called. Could you provide more informations, please?

Martin. Is there a way I could clean reinstall cubase 12 professional with the latest version?


When you say key command are you speaking of a shortcut let’s say using ALT or shift etc. etc.

How often are you getting this crash?

Key command = keyboard shortcut = Any command that can be invoked from your computer keyboard with only one press (could include modifier keys such as Shift, Alt, Cmd, etc. as well).

You can uninstall and reinstall Cubase, yes. It unfortunately rarely solves anything.
Use Steinberg Download Assistant for installation.

If you haven’t already, try starting Cubase in Safe Mode with preferences disabled.

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I have to really try to duplicate the problem I really think the problem could be coming from my Yamaha Genos keyboard since the updated firmware. V2.13

I will try to run it in safe mode thanks for your ongoing help


I do think you should drop out of the insider program as well. It’s not a good idea on a machine you want to run reliably beta testing the os.


I started my computer today - updated the DELL firmware - opened my project with 1 audio file - went to click the TRANSPORT and the Cubase 12 Pro - latest version locked up…I could not drag the dump file for you - That crashdump directory can not be dragged, my other windows outside Cubase can be dragged and are functioning…I will reboot and send you the crash dump file.

That Crash Dump file had 0 Bytes - I started Cubase 12 pro up and will continue to run the same test with the transport

I did a quick google on this. Is Windows Insider Program for Business a program for software developers to preview/test upcoming windows releases?

They have to choice business or I assume a regular Tester

So far I played around with the transport and things are OK but I will continue to test to see if a lock up occurs. I am going to reinstall my Yamaha Genos drivers I am also considering uninstalling cubase 12 Pro and reinstalling it

Stay tune

I do believe that this program is for software developers.
If you are a software developer that needs to check integrity against upcoming windows updates, you should always do this on a separate, isolated machine. Not one that is used for critical work.
If you are not a software developer, I would question the reason to be a part of this group.
But in either case, don’t use beta/test versions of an OS on your DAW machine.

I am no longer an insider that I corrected last night