Crash Dumps

Hi, everyone.

I wanted to suggest a common crash dumps thread to quickly pinpoint issues with unstable plugins and modules instead of creating a new thread each time a project refuses to open, or save, or whatever.

Last time I tried to open a certain project (that I was able to open a couple of days agowith no problem) I got a myriad of dump files:


Reported to Steinberg CAN-28655.

having issues with a particular track as well.
not sure if these crash dumps are up to date though, as the project just hangs (‘not responding’ in win10 task manager) and never enters the project or crashes cubase. the dumps might be from previous crashes, i’m not sure.!AnH_pk8rQcZviPUvdl-OJlYyvy4hKg?e=CP9S1y


The crashes are from 4.4.2020, your post is 11.4.2020, so it seems, the DMP files are not related to the issue you are describing.

If Cubase doesn’t crash, if it hangs, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.

righto. thanks.