Crash during export when overwriting filename

When exporting a track and the filename has to be overwritten Cubase crashes as soon as you click “overwrite”. This only happens when Cubase is in the background when the pop-up appears.

For example: I’m making a batch export of 10 tracks, while the export is running I browse in Safari and I then get a “overwrite file name” pop-up for track number 4, because Cubase is not in focus I switch to Cubase and then click on “overwrite filename”. This results in an instant crash. It’s not happening with every project, but the projects it does happen with are consistent in this behaviour.

If Cubase is in focus during all of the exports there is no crash.

Cubase 13-2023-12-09-154559.ips (157.8 KB)

Update to 13.0.20 could resolve the issue.

Testing now!

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I confirm this was likely fixed in C13.0.20