Crash during project loading - Really Urgent

Hey friends,

I got a serious problem here. I just got a new job, deadline is next friday and I wanted to load a project file from december 2010 from the same project, to save some time with mixing and setup.

Now, when I load the project, cubase 6.0.1 crashes and I tried everything to fix this. Disabling all VST Plugins, removing freeze and video folders from the projectfolder, updating to cubase 6.0.3 but nothing works.

Do you have any idea? Its really urgent :frowning: please help me :cry:

Hi Basti,

I would try the Cubase version that was used to originally create the project. If you don’t have it installed anymore, it should be easily possible to install it in parallel to your Cubase 6 version.

If the project loads in the old Cubase version, you could then try to make an archive copy. Chances are that this copy will then load ok in Cubase 6.

Hope this helps, good luck!

Hey Roland,

Thank you so much for your quick reply. Ok that must have been Cubase 5, because the projectfile is from december 2010. I’ll try to install Cubase 5 again, lets see, if it works.

I’m not sure, what you mean with “archive copy” can you explain it please?

Ok, I opened it with Cubase 5 and deleted a few tracks and now it works again with Cubase 6. :slight_smile:

In Cubase 5, this is in the File menu, “Backup Project” (in the German version this is “Backup des Projekts erstellen”). Saves the project to a new location including all associated files, not only the cpr project file.