Crash Error

This has been happening off and on since I moved up to v13. Cubase crashes at arbitrary times. None of the projects were big; in this case, I started from scratch. I have one instrument track, SINE, Tallinn String. Open Expression Map hit Load, and got the below error again. Earlier, I got the error while trying to change the tempo.

The dmp file is to large to load. Let me know if you have a share drive I can copy it to.


Edition Windows 11 Pro
Version 23H2
Installed on ‎4/‎26/‎2023
OS build 22631.2861
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22681.1000.0

|Processor|11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz|
|Installed RAM|128 GB (128 GB usable)|
|System type|64-bit operating system, x64-based processor|
|Pen and touch|No pen or touch input is available for this display|

Crashed again. Same message. One instrument track with Cinematic Strings. Also a tempo track and signature track. I was attempting to change the time signature.

Same test. One track, Signature. Selected the time signature in the midi window. It worked. When I select the time signature in inspector frame I got the error.

Because of the reboot, it created a new dump file small enough to attach.

Cubase 13.0.20 64bit2024.1.6 (1.9 MB)


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.


Cubase 13.0.30 has been released. Please, update.

Will do.
Thank you

Despite my installation of C13 / Win11 being the most stable so far for me, I have experienced a similar crash warning a couple of times. Generally it is when I flip around different patches on multi-timbral instruments.

Most recent was Sampletank 4 when trying different Orchestral Strings patches. At least I get the warning and the chance to save a new copy of the project - in the past similar errors have just resulted in a non-recoverable crash.

CB Progress for sure.