Crash Fest with Nuendo 12 on macOS

I’m glad Nuendo 12 is out. Really. But here on macOS 12.3.1, with a M1 iMac and an Intel 2013 Mac Pro, it’s a real crash fest. I could list a few situations where it crashes on opening N11 projects, but it also crashes on a new, empty, project where I try to create an Ambisonics output bus.

Cubase 12 has the same problem. Back to N11 for awhile I guess…

Crashes on start up here. i7 Mac Mini 10.14.6. Even with 3rd party plugins disabled. good times.

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I have the same problem, using mojave with 2015 Macbook Pro. Even with 3rd party plugins disabled.

The crashes happened when scaning the CurvedEQ plugin.

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It happened to me too on the Mac Pro ‘19, running Big Sur, but I think I have solution.

When it crashes it probably is still in the middle of scanning all the plugins. You don’t actually see it is scanning, because it is running in the background and it looks like nothing is happening.

After the first crash I opened a N11 project and it could not find a lot of the plugins I used. So my simple conclusion is that it still needs to finish scanning all of your plugins.

Open your plugin tab from within N12 and click on the ‘refresh’ icon to let it scan everything once more. You will see a beach ball again, and it looks like nothing is happening, but be patient. Eventually you will get a dialogue saying ‘x amount of plugins found’. In my case around 500-ish, so it takes a while.

Quit and restart Nuendo 12, to have everything saved to the system.

After this I opened a dozen of N11 projects and they all run fine now. It also looks like to me that they open faster than with N11, and everything is more snappy and smooth.

I hope this helps!

me too, i thought it can be used in Mojave … but it says failed to execute usr/lib/dyld …

consistently crashes on open.


No idea if it helps or not… just ran a web search on ‘dyld’… lots of results; here’s one…
How to Fix ‘Dyld: Library not Loaded’ Error on MacOS -

I would like to confirm at least one apparently random crash on 19nmp 11.5.2
Also, very sluggish behviour with screen draws, metering, and generally sluggish gui response. Its worse if I turn off OpenGL.

now it is affecting N11 :frowning: , i am so desperate

Consistently crashes on opening here too. 2012 Mac Pro on Mojave.

now is affecting Nuendo 11 … and bad news is cannot even download the old version in the website

For me same config, Same problems (crash at start up)

I had the same issue.
After deleting Anymix Pro from Nuendo 12 application, the startup process continues normaly. It works also if you copy the Anymix Pro from Nuendo 11 to Nuendo 12 application.

I deleted CurveEQ and ANYMIX … and now Nuendo12 is opening for the first time, let me try it first

Idem on macbook pro

The Steinberg Download Assistant should still give you access to previous versions.

nevermind, it is working without anymix and curveEQ right now … maybe this will be fixed in the next update

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I don’t see the older version in the download manager … I thought at first I want to downgrade to 11.0.40 instead

By removing
I can get a bit further, i.e. creating an Ambisonics output bus, but as soon as I create I new Ambisonics audio track… Boom! Again…

M1 MacBook Air, M1 iMac, Intel Mac Pro, all with the same crashing behaviour. Hard to believe they didn’t see that in beta testing…