Crash Fest with Nuendo 12 on macOS

100% same thing here…

we’re sorry about the crashes. Of course it was tested, but apparently it broke.

The Ambisonics channel crash is documented, a fix is on the way.
If you experience crashes that are NOT related to the Ambisonics issue, please report separately, with the crash log included. It may also help if you send an example .npr file. You may send the data directly to me or file a support ticket. We want to fix this.
Thanks, Thorsten

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Thanks for the follow up.

Worked, finally got it start the first time

and the real question is whether N12 compatible w Mojave or not? the fact that it can be run without Anymix and CurveEQ is just something …

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No issues here, very happy (though I haven’t tried every feature). MacOS 12.3.1, 7,1 mac pro. For now, opening old 96k stem /analogue summing sessions - heavy CPU loads, much more overhead with N12.

Agreed - if necessary, trash all the preferences and let it build them again (first copy any personal templates that might be needed). Another tip I saw from Steinberg support was to use the profile manager on the previous version first (N11), save this, then open in N12. They say that this is the way the dev team always work. See Profiles (

Hi Thorsten,
Our pipeline is build on ambix so we’re eagerly waiting for the fix - any ETA on that?

just download them here

I already made a thread … there’s no way for me to download older version …

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #132.369e4c17.1651637792.277a3f2c

so yeahh … doesn’t work here

I second @ErnstK and @drakuhluh , exact same issue here. I’m on iMac 2019, on Mojave, I have Nuendo 11 installed, and I wanted to try Nuendo 12 before upgrading, and no matter what I do (either let the 3rd party plugins activated or deactivate them), it crashes in the middle of the loading process.

I had success by deleting the Anymix Pro vst from inside the app’s package contents, as @Kewl mentions above. Deleting vstambiconverter.vst3 didn’t do it, but then deleting anymixpro did.

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Yeah, I’ve just found out, on another thread (Nuendo 12 crash on Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave 10.14.6). Thank you!