Crash file

Can someone please point me to a description of how to read a cubase crash file? I know there are a couple of helpful people on here that offer to read and interpret the file - it would reduce their workload if people could do our own debugging.

I frequently have crashes and I end up copying the app data directory from one that I know works. I would rather know which of the files is corrupt as I obviously loose all my config data.

Please upload the crash logs with a description of the reproduction steps to this forum. We at Steinberg have the tools to analyse the logs and document them in our system. Crash issues have our highest priority of course.

It took 5 months to get a response to my support ticket - thatā€™s why I want to understand the logs myself, I cant wait for 5 months every time I have an issue

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Some of us are living in ā€˜unsupported countriesā€™ and arenā€™t allowed to even use the ticket system.