Crash/freeze while undoing

It‘s just crashing and freezing constantly…

Honestly? I can’t reproduce it and it will probably not happen again at the exact same point.
At first it started crashing after copying midi. Now it crashed after undoing moving the handle.
Currently I‘ve got 3 Tracks going on.
One Zeeon with Audio Damage FuzzPlus and Dubstation active. Your EQ is activated also. Even though I didn’t change anything in it.
And two recorded(!) IAA-Tracks. Nothing fancy either. Just one 1/16th Bass-click. And one kick. KBBB-Pattern…

I‘m 9 bars, paste at the wrong position, clicked undo and… freeze. Closing Cubasis, deleting it with doubleclick home and reopening solves the problem.

I got a IPro 2017 10.5 with latest IOS and latest Cubasis going on.
If you want I can tape my screen. I‘m fairly sure thatwasnt the last time


Hi Dave,

As already commented via private message, our engineering is in exchange with Jarek from BeepStreet already.
Please await our feedback soon.