Crash from Actions & Shortcuts

This crash occurs in the latest pre-release as well as 1.1.8.

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Create a new layer in Song 1 Part 1
  3. Choose Devices>Actions & Shortcuts
  4. Choose the Layer tab and then the Reset Category button to clear the table if necessary.
  5. Press the + button to add a new layer
  6. Select the MIDI IN source for your attached controller
  7. Select the MIDI Status as Controller
  8. Highlight the table row by selecting the row number
  9. Press the Learn button to capture a pre-configured CC slider from your attached controller and move that slider

Also, VST Live needs an application level exception catch a some point so the stack trace can be made available. There are many ways to do this, depending on the platform.

Nothing happens. If I assign a function (i.e. “Volume”), and allow a range (Data2 From to 0, Data2 to to 127), I can control Layer 1 Volume with that fader.

It has. You will find crashlogs in Documents/Steinberg/CrashDumps

So…what do you want to say that happens when moving the slider?

When I giggle the slider after using Learn, the application exits to the desktop. A new dump file is apparently created, but perhaps not for as I didn’t get one from the latest crash under that version.

The work-around, I think I’ll have to try again, is to create the Layer action manually and don’t use the slider going forward. My reason for the action is to NOT have to use the slider, since a Part will emit the needed MIDI tweak automatically when I step into the part that owns the Layer.

I crash on MainVolume CC#7 as well as All Sounds Off and the other undefined CCs, so that doesn’t matter. I’m sure I can crash it using other controllers too.

I’m attaching a GIF of the crash as well as the crash log to this email.

I’ve completely uninstalled VST Live and re-installed I am now reproducing the bug in as well. I might be able to try on another PC, if the licensing will allow it - let me know how.

A crash log is nice, but only one step in processing an exception. A commercial retail product should present an exception dialog detailing the elements of the exception. That way, the user knows something bad happened, can OK the dialog and is not left staring at an empty desktop. The developers already know how to do exception handling. I think I can deliberately crash Cubase and get an exception dialogbox.

VST Live Version 1.2.1 2023.7.2 (743 KB)

VST Live Crash - Actions and Shortcuts.gif

I crash on MainVolume CC#7 as well. I’m attaching a GIF of the crash as well as the crash log to the email.

I’ve completely uninstalled VST Live and re-installed I can reproduce the bug in as well.

What happens if you just click “Learn” after resetting Category?
Or, you just add an action as you do, then not assign anything but the action itself (i.e. “Volume”), then Learn. Does it also crash then?

Actually, we found the bug. It only happens when the action is not assigned (i.e. “Undefined”), it attempts to execute an action “Undefined” which doesn’t exist.
Will of course be fixed with the next update, thanks a lot for reporting! For now, make sure to assign an action first.

Okay, nice work! Please update the documentation, which only depicts the Transport tab. I read nothing about picking a “Name” and was not forced to pick a “Name”. Plus, the Learn function seemed to work and I was getting the action I wanted when switching parts. Also, consider re-naming “Name” to “Action” - I think that is what this feature is about.

The list of “Names” seemed arbitrary for the Layer tab, so I didn’t feel like picking any of them. There are dozens of potential CCs someone might want to use, but it seems that these are to be logically forced into only Quick 1, Quick 2, etc. Why can’t I name the action whatever I want? Why do you need a “UI” column in the table when the value range is the same whether a dial or a slider? Are you actuallly loading the Saved alactions files at startup for each song?

I’m happy for now, but the feature seems half-finished at this point.

Not at all. Actions have to be provided by the object managing that action, like a Layer manages the action “Volume”. Thus, they cannot be renamed either. No idea why you think “arbitrary”, all of those depict a very specific action.

And then what…the software magically figures out what you want?

As with Channels, for Layers, the default action should be “Volume”, not “Undefined”, that was the problem in the first place.

UI items will later be used for creating action panels. Also, while sliders and dials have the same logical behaviour, buttons and toggle buttons don’t, they create different reactions.

They are stored within the project and restored when opening it.

We appreciate detailed descriptions of how you would prefer it to be, as long as it stays logical and implementable.

Okay, the “Name” corresponds to a UI element on the selected layer. I realized that made sense after I thought about it. Also, if “UI items will later be used for creating action panels” then the control type is needed. I’m not able to create more than a single pair of actions for two parts of one song but I might find a way with more time. I’ll start another thread to describe what I’m trying to do with Actions and Shortcuts if I remain unable to make headway.

There is another test case for this crash: Once an action is configured with a valid “Name” instead of Undefined, wiggling the affected slider still causes the crash. That might be a different codepath.

Pls. check again with the upcoming version. If it still crashes than pls report, thanks!