Crash If Generic Interface Used With Some Plugins in Master Section

I first noticed this when trying it with some of the Acustica plugins that still work otherwise (with normal interface) in the Master Section. They crash if generic interface is used in the Master Section. The crash also happens with TDR Kotelnikov (VST2) with generic interface in Master Section. Doesn’t seem to happen with any other plugins I’ve tried so far but I haven’t tried very many.

It also seems to happen with these plugins in earlier versions of Wavelab 9, but there they just hang forever.

Doesn’t seem to happen in the montage.

Forgot to add. The crash is on Render. Not playback.
Happens with BlueCat Patchwork VST2 also, but not the VST3. The VST3 is ok with the generic interface.

it seems to be a VST2 thing. Izotope VST2 crashes with generic. Izotope VST3 is ok with generic.