Crash in 9.5

Hello everybody,
Here is my problem : CB 9.5 crashes when I try to reactivate an instrument track or when I try to render in place multiple midi containers in a single track. Maybe it comes from a big update that just occured on Windows 10, but what is strange is that I have no problem at all on CB 9. Any ideas ?
Thanks !

P.S. : I tried to uninstall and reinstall CB 9.5, with no result.


Is it with some dedicated instrument? Or all instruments? Please make sure, your plug-ins are up to date.

What do you mean by “reactivate”? Is it disabled and you try to enable the track?

Does it crash in Safe Start Mode/work fresh Preferences?

If yes, could you share the crash file, please?

It’s with Kontakt, I disabled it and tryed to enable it. Do you mean I should delete my preferences ? Even if I don’t have problem with CB9 with same preferences ? And how do I Safe start CB ? Or maybe you mean Windows ?
Thanks for your answer.


You don’t really know, if the preferences are exactly the same. Some of the preferences are overwritten after every single Cubase quit.

Safe Start Mode.

Thanks again, Martin, I will try that.

That works ! What is the next move ? Do I delete all my preferences and do it again ?

Yes, if it works, delete your preferences.

I am very sorry to read that (lazyman inside) but I will do it. Thanks a lot, Martin.