Crash in iOS + split view (reproducible)

  1. Use Dorico in split view (that’s my most common working setup)
  2. A project is already loaded in Dorico
  3. Using an external keyboard, cmd-tab to switch to other app that splits the screen with Dorico (then release cmd-tab keys)
  4. Immediately cmd-tab again to bring back Dorico as the foremost app

Dorico will stop responding to inputs and then crash

Here’s the diagnostics report
Dorico (374.4 KB)

Edit: clarity

I’m sorry to hear about this crash. So far I’ve been unable to reproduce this on my own iPad. Could you please go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data and look for .ips files whose names begin “Dorico”, then zip them up and attach them here?

There you go

Dorico ips (144.8 KB)

Good news, version 5.1 seems to have fixed the crash, but now something is still triggered by the same steps as described. Now Dorico detects that the file has modifications and it asks whether or not it should be reloaded.

It seems to do that only with iCloud files (note that it was probably the case with my crashes with version 5.0.x from the original post, but did not notice because I had not thought of testing with local files).

I think this is because the act of going into split view will trigger the app to go into the background (even if only for a moment), which triggers a save. I’ll talk to the team in the New Year about whether there’s something we can do to tell the difference between going into the background because you’re switching to another app versus going into the background because you’re setting up a split view.

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Just a follow-up, because I’ve just updated iOS to 17.2 and the behaviour changed. Now, cmd-tabbing between Dorico and the other app in the shared view brings up the change detected dialog every single time, no matter the resulting foreground app (as opposed to switching as described in my original post, which then required two immediate and successive cmd-tab). Switching apps using the touch screen does not trigger it.

I might be misremembering, but I think there’s a checkbox in the Files section of the Preferences dialog you can use to disable the appearance of the “project modified” warning (it definitely exists on desktop, I just don’t have my iPad to hand right this moment to check whether it’s there on iPad as well).

I can see it on the desktop version, but it’s not present in the iOS version unfortunately.

OK, thanks for confirming. As I said earlier in the thread, we will discuss whether there’s a way to tell the difference between the app truly being backgrounded and creating a split view.

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Thank you for your support! There must be a way, since 17.2 cmd-tab in split screen now shortly “animates” the app going to foreground (while just touching it does not), so it definitely seems to be a different event generated by the OS.

@sim Have you tried using Slide Over instead of Split View? Might that help?

Yes I tried, and it does the same thing.