Crash in Spectralayers 8 in Cubase

when I tried to unmix an audio track in Cubase 12 I got this error, and now I can not use spectral layers. it’s grayed out? is that normal? can you not unmix inside Cubase 12?

Can someone look at the dump file?

Cubase 64bit 2023.2.20 (1.4 MB)

anyone else tried using SL in cubase to unmix a track into vocals and music?

Why didn’t you upload the dump file? You do not seriously think this do you?

It did not crash cubase 12.0.52, it crashed the SpectraLayers, I’ll check if it creates a crash log…
SpectraLayers works as with ARA, I think, not the same as VST, which runs in same thread as the cubase audio engine. Thus, not sure if it creates a crash log.

Why didn’t you upload the dump file? You do not seriously think this do you?

at this point, I am not sure what cubase 12 capable of, LOL!

It’s displayed right there in the error message that Cubase crashed, and shows where the file is. Please, take the time needed to read and understand – this will save you time and energy in the long run.

oh did not look at the path… thanks I’ll upload…

Hopefully you also followed the other instructions in the error display.

(the file is all that’s needed. Don’t upload the text in crash logs please.)

when I look at the log file, it looks like some sort of memory location error…

The developer has the tools to see more specifically than WinDbg Preview. Have the smallest amount of patience, @Robin_Lobel is extremely responsive.

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in all honesty I have never used SL inside Cubase, but perhaps something is up with audio file?

This issue was fixed in SpectraLayers 9. Since you’re using a SpectraLayers One license, you can uninstall SpectraLayers 8 and install SpectraLayers 9 instead.

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which one is covered under my license? pro 9 or element 9?

It’s the same installer for all 3 editions (Pro/Elements/One). So you can just install SpectraLayers Pro 9 or SpectraLayers Elements 9, it will automatically switch to SpectraLayers One 9 when launched (based on your Cubase 12 license).

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9 pro works! with my license. Thanks…